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No New Posts Regulations

All the rules and rule modifications will be posted here.

Rules| Classes| Mechanisms| Wish Making| Setting| Stats

1 10 The Law of Laws
by Administrator
Sept 18, 2013 16:45:37 GMT -6
No New Posts The Daily News

All the news and board updates will be posted in this board.

1 1 The awards
by Administrator
Jan 29, 2013 8:56:23 GMT -6
No New Posts Staff Board

All Staff related conversations, sign-ups, and secrets. Will go in this board.

Sub-boards: The Site's Batcave, Accepted Staff Applications, Staff Applications

9 18 to claim my place.
by Administrator
Jan 31, 2013 15:29:19 GMT -6
No New Posts Complaint & Suggestion Board

Really, really believe this site needs something? Really, Really believe it needs help? Come here with your comments, ideas, and complaints. Don't worry, no biting around here. All Professional here, right?

1 3 Board Suggestions
by Arker
Jan 31, 2013 23:08:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Site upgrade Polls

There will be one poll per week that will allow the site to be upgraded in one way or another. Please comment or vote in these polls.

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No New Posts Break Time

All the things you can think of to release stress, that do not break the rules. Psss... Show off your creativity.

3 9 Random Characters
by Arker
Feb 5, 2013 18:48:49 GMT -6
No New Posts The Bored Game

All games created for other members will go here.

1 2 Vending machine
by Ginger
Feb 1, 2013 0:10:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Thread Hell & Heaven

All incomplete/complete RP & OOC threads will go here, unless designated elsewhere.


1 17 Winter Marinara- completed
by Administrator
Jan 27, 2013 11:03:01 GMT -6

Psychotic Dream Data

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No New Posts Creating Lies

This is where you will make your character, please search for the password in the rules. Also, please follow bioform code already provided.

Bioform | Pending

Sub-board: Pending The Soul

6 9 No title
by Arker
Jul 31, 2013 22:17:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Accepting Truth

All accepted bios will be stored here.

Sub-boards: Incubators, Condemned , Dark Essences, Altered, Rebels, Humans, Exorcists, Ghosts, Constructs, Outsiders

7 13 Human, Carolin Monroe
by Administrator
Jan 30, 2013 12:37:45 GMT -6
No New Posts False Claims

This is where all claims will be stored.

Representation Claim| Face Claim| Who RP Who

4 9 The Rankings
by Administrator
Jan 28, 2013 21:56:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Asylum of Dreams

All plots and character interaction, go here.


Sub-boards: Creation of Madness, Destruction of Madness, Pyschological Link, Lost Madness

1 2 The Plot
by Administrator
Jan 3, 2013 22:32:10 GMT -6
No New Posts Patient Report

This is where you keep up with your character progress throughout the RP. Please record all thread interactions.

1 2 Open Thread Announcer
by Administrator
Jan 27, 2013 19:50:09 GMT -6
No New Posts The Sickness

This is where you sign-up to become a Condemned, an Altered, a Rebel, a ghost, or a Dark Essence.

Sub-boards: Pending Forms, Accepted Forms

1 2 Transformation Form
by Administrator
Jan 4, 2013 13:21:16 GMT -6


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No New Posts Site Plugs & Affies Storage

This is where the site's advertisements are stored. Please, if you ever feel like advertising the site, pm the Administrator.

2 3 Requiem's Contract Plug Storage
by Administrator
Jan 22, 2013 22:09:40 GMT -6
No New Posts Affiliations

Please create a new thread with the form.

    1. Affie may not show anything Rated R.
    2. Site must have at least 5 people logged in OR match our 24hr guest count.
    3. Affie be 88X31px
    4. Be aware were you put us we will put you.
    5. We will not put your Affie up until you put ours up.

If it takes us longer than a week to place your affiliation up. Please notify us, or post in your thread as a bumper.

by Advertiser
Feb 4, 2013 13:02:12 GMT -6
No New Posts Eating The Prey

Link back If we have posted on your site, and you are returning with your website please create your site thread here.

You may bump your threads or create a new one after two WHOLE months.

Sub-boards: Proboard Link Backs, Jcink Link Backs, Invisioned Free Link Backs, Zetaboards Link back, Other Link Back

92 94 DSoJ: Original Fantasy
by Administrator
Apr 20, 2014 23:09:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Caught In THE Web

First link if you are linking here before we got to your site. Please create your thread here.

Sub-boards: Proboard First Link, Zetaboards First Link, Jcink First Link, Invision Free First Link , Other First Link

69 74 Digimon Source Code
by Bunny
May 17, 2014 13:38:04 GMT -6
No New Posts Accepted 2012 Advertisements

All advertisements that have been accepted as of 2012, will be moved here.

Sub-boards: Resource Sites, DC/Marvel/Supheroes/Supervillains, Fantasy, Animals, Real Life, Unsorted

146 157 The Others
by Advertiser
Feb 1, 2013 14:03:54 GMT -6

Alma City

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No New Posts Alma ISD

these are all the schools on this forum, all collected into this one board. Please read the school description to figure out where it is located.

Sub-boards: Elementary School, Middle School, Alma High, Eerie School

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No New Posts Insert Coins Here

This arcade has laser tag, video games, and will be soon adding a bowling ally. Blame Magna for board name.

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No New Posts Cup-A-Cough

The establishment was supposed to be named "Cup-A-Coffee" but the paperwork got mixed up, and it was named what a Pharmacy, was supposed to be named. Anyway, this establishment allows people to have a calm warm drinks, and a nice sandwich. Prices are kind-of cheap, kind-of not. Really depends on how rich you are. Some bar chairs, some booth; you get the idea.

3 44 Board-em is a pain
by Artemis Fowl
Feb 7, 2013 21:09:44 GMT -6
No New Posts Fra Cooperation

This is actually a very large business, it does research on several medicines and new technology advances. The company itself is very popular among the citizens, for they always seem to offer up new technologies at home, as well as provide new and "secured healthy environment" advances.

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You want to be a singer? An Actor? Wanna BE A STAR?! Well this is the place! this is where all that sort of business is held. Should warn you fans love to flock this place. Also this network is owned by Fra Cooperation, so beware.

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No New Posts In-Out Resturants

A popular restaurant sort of Mall gathering. They have in-out Burgers, in-out Pizza, and etc. Everything except Mexican food. Figures? There are plenty of tables outside in the sun & shade. You may go sit inside if you want.

1 1 Bring the Cold(Ritsu/closed)
by Azu Sterling
Jan 28, 2013 19:45:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Rancid Skating

This is a very large skatepark with several ramps and railings. Come here to totally show off your X-treme skills. The park is owned by the corner shop, Hot Topic Sports

Sub-board: Hot Topic Sports

1 16 A War, A battle, A life{open}
by Azu Sterling
Feb 6, 2013 10:29:25 GMT -6
No New Posts Alma East Mall

This mall is three stories has up to 20 different shops, as well as a large food court on the very top floor. In the very center of the mall on the first floor is an ice skating rink.

1 16 Just another Witch and a Fowl{open}
by Artemis Fowl
Feb 3, 2013 21:54:58 GMT -6
No New Posts Richmond's Apartments

This is a highclass apartment complex. Only people with loads of money can live here. These apartments have pools inside and outside. On top of that, the furnishing is
Victorian velvet red. There is sadly no elevator, but hey two floors of awesomeness. Not to mention the black iron gate protecting the area.

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No New Posts Cup-A-Coffee

This establishment is a pharmacy, was supposed to be named Cup-a-cough, but a little mix-up in paperwork. Here we are. Anyway medicine, help heal characters. The owner works behind the scenes of information, "supposedly".

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Alma's Slums

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No New Posts Abandoned Factory

This factory was once a prosperous place for the city civilians, however with no resources and the city trapped it soon became abandoned. The building itself is only partially rotting away, not nearly enough to cause extreme hazard. The only entrance is a hole on the side that is big enough to fit a medium sized female adult.

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No New Posts Hot-N-Sweaty

It is the major bar of the slum area. It has been known to have live bands, karaoke, bubble & Rav parties, plus more. You imagine it, it happens. This place has two exits, the back{which leads to a very dirty alleyway} and the front {right on the road}.

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No New Posts Scott Church

This is a nice place to admit all your dark sins, to apologize to whoever you worship and buy loads of secret weapons. There is also a secret entrance to a basement under the church. The basement is usually only used by Exorcists. The only thing not allowed... Oh wait.. Any Class can enter the Church.

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No New Posts Oak Apartments

The apartment complex is slowly in a decaying state. There is cockroaches everywhere and only the most broke of the characters live here.

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No New Posts Northeast Park

The park is actually across the street from the oak apartments. It is filled with several swings, soccer fields, trees, slides, and little fun park stuff. The park itself is actually quite big and really the main park people go to.

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No New Posts The Haunted House

A very old victorian house, the house currently has no residents and is just gradually routing away. Kids seem to always dare each other to enter the house, and make up stories about evil spirits eating you up. There however has been not sightings or evidence to those stories.

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No New Posts St. Wells Hospital

An extremely nice and tidy hospital. This hospital is extremely expensive, that people with insurance can't even go to it. It is exactly across the street from the broken down Oak Apartments. It is like a mockery to all the broke families. The hospital has tried multiple times to buy off the property, to expand, but have failed several times.

This hospital is said to have a secret basement, used for Exorcist's business.

Sub-board: Secret Basement

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Alma's Outerlands

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No New Posts Oak Farm

The oak farm has been the major source of food for the city of Alma. The owner is gracious enough to allow the public access to this food. with a extreme high fee attached.

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No New Posts Tiny Town

The town isn't actually tiny, but quite large. It is made of 4 different nearby towns that all got pulled into the pocketed dimension along with the Alma City. Over the years the towns have been working together to support themselves and plan to one day call war on Alma City.

Sub-boards: Star Climax Theater, Helm Apartments

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No New Posts Forgotten Tiny Manor

This manor is made of nice dark cherry wood, it had cost the family thousands of dollars to build. The manor itself was made back when Tiny Town was first made, the Tiny family, had ran a large farming industry, till they had gradually declined and went bankrupt.

The manor was taken care of by a maid, who later became a witch, then killed the last owner of the manor, and toke the manor for herself. She represents the dark emotion of Greed.

Fearing the horrors of the manor, no townsmen dare to go near, they believe it holds a deadly curse. One could easily take the manor and call it home, well after a certain witch's death.

1 8 The new king takes his throne. (OPEN)
by damien
Feb 4, 2013 17:35:17 GMT -6
No New Posts Temptation Forest

This forest is actually incomplete, to otherside of the forest is in the original location of this world, leaving a basic white wall to the end points of the forest. This forest is actually quite large and seems to have tones of creatures running about. It is connected to the Black River, and there is some of Beaver Cave underneath it. Residents occasionally come here to camp.

Sub-board: Anti-Gravity Field

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No New Posts Black River

The river is named after is dark depth, it will come to a point that the river looks completely black and almost impossible to reach a bottom. This River is flowing from the original side of the pocket to this side, allowing a constant flow of fresh water. This River is extremely large, and has a nice sandy beach on some locations. On occasions high-schoolers will hold drinking parties here. Park Policemen however occasionally check the shore, due to this drinking fact. In one part of the River, you can find the entrance to Beaver Cave, it is actually where the suppose cursed beaver lives. On occasions teens will dare each other to enter.

Sub-board: Beaver Cave

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